Startup Services

We provide holistic product development services to get your businesses and ideas off the ground quickly. We have founded tech companies, as well as worked with startups and Fortune 500 companies. These unique perspectives gave us remarkable insight from a variety of industries and business sizes.

Our sweet spots:

  • Defining the Poblem & Solution
  • Understanding the Market and Users
  • Branding and Website Setup
  • Product Design
  • User Testing
  • Product Development
  • Learn and Repeat

Our Website Services


Logo & Branding

This is one of our favorite parts, because it’s the first step outside of a prototype that makes the idea come to life. We love making cool logos and branding materials. A great logo can be used for a variety of purposes. We will be sure your logo design, icon, and text is versatile both digitally and physically.

Product Design (UX & UI)

We are assuming your market and user research is completed. You know what you want to build and need to get an initial set of blue prints created. We build the designs you need to show off your idea to prospective investors, users, and partners.

We go through your requirements in detail to design every page required to produce your prototype or deliver the specifications to a development team.

Protoyping &
Interactive Design

When building a new concept from scratch or testing a new feature, it's essential to test your design concepts and put them to use. We produce interactive product demonstrations for users to demo.

Use it for a variety of stakeholders to gather their feedback and sell your product vision. Test the experience, usability, and functionality before you start developing. Fine tune your features and make sure your solution is working as it should.

Product Management

Building the product as you know requires a great designer, product manager and engineering lead. At Emazi, we always have our product management mindset on and specifically dedicated to your team. We listen and extrapolate your vision into the product solution you want to see.

Product Development

You have great designs and a completed prototype ready to develop. If you need a product team that can coordinate the development of your solution. Use our team to manage the development of your product. Once you are ready to start developing, we can be the team that keeps working directly with your lead engineers or our engineers.

User Testing

We ensure your product concepts are successful and ready for production. If you have a new product or mature product, we study it and understand the concepts from the perspective of your users.

Depending on your product stage we conduct different tests used to uncover barriers never anticipated. We facilitate sessions or use tools that enable your team and ours to look at how your users engage in your solution.

Consulting and Advisory

While you work with us, we are your digital strategy advisors. You will have a dedicated Product Management Consultant to help when you need it. When you have those burning questions or want to change your digital marketing strategies, just give us a call.

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