Emazi is a user-centric company that delivers end-to-end digital experiences for our clients. Our Partners each have 10 years of product development expertise having built a range of unique solutions for startups to Fortune 500 companies. We take pride in delivering exceptional solutions and over the top client experiences. We are your design and development team.


Sean Kvingedal

Managing Partner

As a multifaceted entrepreneur, Sean has been igniting startups and consulting for companies since 2007. He’s driven by working with clients to solve highly complex business problems and creating personalized user experiences. Breaking from traditional norms, Sean adds a sense of purpose in all projects bridging diversity, inclusion and sustainability into his work. He has lived across United States, Romania, Rwanda and actively seeks to learn from people around the world.

Kashyap Basu

Creative Partner

Kashyap had design as a part of his soul since an early age and he cherishes expressing visions through unique creations. He is trained in ceramic sciences and visual arts at the top Design School in India (GCAC). Kashyap and his team of leading UX/UI designers have produced hundreds of brand designs and thousands of websites. His designs and products can be seen in over 20 countries since 2004.

Regina Ingabire

Strategic Advisor

Regina is Emazi’s Strategic Advisor and sits on the Board of Directors of FuseChange.org. She is an expert in community partnerships, public health, diversity, inclusion and equity. Regina advises the Emazi Team and clients on approaches that engage a diverse range of communities. She has worked with a variety of in international development organizations including; The World Bank, Clinton Global Health Initiative and currently the City of Portland.


Emazi’s organizational culture is built on being kind and doing good. It’s our core philosophy and how we do business. You will find our team is made of passionate product development experts that produce great products and make an impact in our communities everyday.

Mutual Respect: Everyone is treated with the same dignity and respect no matter who you are or where you originate.

Transparency: We are open, honest and hold ourselves to the upmost integrity. The result is a transparent team with a high-level of trust.

Integrity: We are genuine and do not pretend to be people who we are not. Being authentic is who we are and what we represent.

Diversity: We strive for diversity in all aspects of our business. We will go out of our way to derive a variety of perspectives to any given situation.

Collaboration: Creating high quality products and social change requires passionate, strong and individual opinions. These diverse opinions along with a collaborative and open mindset is required in our team.

Sustainability: We are committed to creating a sustainable planet and economy for future generations. We will continue to learn and evolve the organization in ways that adhere to the highest standards of Sustainable Development.


Emazi started a nonprofit organization called FuseChange.org as a product design and development agency. The mission is specifically focused on innovating concepts for people and organizations that are addressing complex social issues. Revenue generated from FuseChange.org goes back into hiring passionate people and initiatives that multiply social impact across the spectrum of homelessness and poverty.

Homeless Hackathons

Imagine if cities across the country came up with disruptive ideas, projects, organizations, and technologies that could fast-track solutions for homelessness. This is a collective impact project that links communities across the United States to collaborate around homelessness in weekend Hackathons events. The goal of the organization is to open up and centralize all the solutions developed, then help connect each solution to resources required to implement and scale.

  1. Physical location based events
  2. Project-Solution database
  3. Connect-Match resources
  4. Learn, evaluate, scale

OpenSource Platform for Good

One of Mr. Kvingedal’s long-term goals is to create a social impact platform that promotes collective Impact and collaboration across community projects. There are hundreds of thousands of disruptive solutions and innovative projects that positively change the world, but we don’t know who’s doing what, where, when, why and how. The result of this inefficiency is overlapping project initiatives where siloed groups are working on the exact same problem.

  1. Decentralized & Open Source Solution
  2. Spread excess revenue into the salaries of good people
  3. Invest into programatic objectives
  4. Forget operations to service ratio, we invest in people and innovation